Shell Follow Up

In the first novel (fully edited – needs beta) the Shell began operating on its own, touching Sofita’s mind without permission, taking over for moments at a time, etc. In the second novel, Sofita follows up with an examination at the holistic lab, but Fyla Uym (Shell’s designer) isn’t there. In her place is Riltav Gwo. The young Hizak is a character that will feature heavily in the series, but in this scene, she makes her debut.

Currently editing this first draft…

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Catching Mistakes at the End

There’s a scene in the second chapter of Suffocation that has our Sofita, and Fuzo Dox, aboard the PAC Goruym (her AI is called Gory, by her crew). Gory is a Polar-Air Command vessel, a floating cyber-marine life form that houses a clutch of deadly, Delphic Strikers.

When introducing her commanding officer, Deltad Polvix, I labeled her as ‘a Promad’. I wrote a sentence explaining her transition from PAC to Fleet, AND THAT WAS SO NOT WHAT I MEANT TO DO, but I did it, anyway.

Promad, is a Polar Fleet rank. It’s given to Marixi in commanding operational positions, that serve on ‘Fleet’ vessels, like the Toxis Class Submarine. You can’t be a Promad, in Polar Air Command–just by virtue of your vessel floating on the water.

Upon further review, I realized that all my PAC commanders, were given the rank of Promad. (OMGWTFBBQ). I had to alter the bios in my series-bible, to fix the mistakes.


What chaps my ass is that I didn’t catch this in my review of the 1st or 2nd drafts, my editors reviews of the 3rd, and 4th drafts, nor did I catch it in the 5th draft.


Cleaning Up a Monster

I completed the second novel in the Femitokon series, Holodomor, during NaNoWriMo of 2013.  First drafts are the easy part, and yes, you can conceivable write a novel in 30 DAYS, so long as you know that no first draft is ever ready for prime time.


As you can see from the image above, I wrote the first novel in the Femitokon series, titled Suffocation, during NaNoWriMo 2011—it’s now 2015, and Suffocation is nearing its creative end, undergoing final revisions with a paid editor, before I can schlep it to an agent.

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Collective Vulnerability

From the Series Bible – Italicized links are removed, as the series-bible isn’t public.

*If unfamiliar with Femarctic Castes, please see this post.

Early in the crafting of Femitokon I asked myself, what scares a species that can see in the dark? What worries a species that’s impervious to disease?

From a human perspective, the femmar can withstand any bullet or knife due to their thick hides, they can remain submerged for over an hour, and this species lives under the bedrock – beneath glaciers. There are so few things on the planet that can truly hurt a 23rd century femmar outside of natural causes, so I created some things to slow them down.

Psychologically, I chose to make them susceptible to loneliness. Loneliness is a condition humans struggle with, but many humans are capable of being alone with limited diminished mental capacity; the Femmar cannot take being alone; it’s debilitating to a species that does everything in groups.

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Tech Spec: TCS Orcinus

From the series-bible:

Bo Kilvx: Tenth-Gen PromadStock images are for assigned artist to draw from as a reference – all wiki-links (the stuff in italics) have been removed, as the Bible isn’t open to the public. Bo Kilvx is designed by artist Amelie Belcher.


The Orcinus is the twelfth Cybaleen life form serving in the Polar Fleet branch of the Ramaxian Armed Forces. Her territory encompasses the Raxito Acarol (Indian Ocean) of Ramaxicon.  Orcinus is the assigned carrier of Nautical Pod Twelve and Sword Pod Kyltial. Her commanding officer is 10th Generation Promad, Bo Kilvx.

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