Holiday Accomplishment

I have to step away from revisions, the holiday doesn’t afford me the isolation my mind needs, to fix a manuscript. I’m using this time though, to clean up fuglies throughout my series-bible. The bible will be free to my monthly Patreon supporters, so I want to make it as polished as my ZERO-sum budget, allows.

For the timelines, I thought of incorporating the standard infographic style timeline. There’s plenty of free templates, and as lovely as some of them are, those horizontal lines are just so…human?  The Femmar are a species defined by two constants: ice & genetics. A double-helix style timeline was nowhere to be found (though there’s a ton of wallpapers on the net featuring “DNA”). I found a perfect graphic from a natural-disasters web site, and used the iceberg graph, as my timeline marquee.


Each era on Earth is divided by time periods, with noted events that shape the world my series is set in. The prehistoric Femati Era (Fematidol), the Human Era (Helovidol), the short and chaotic Time of Transition (Voskadulak), and the Femarctic Era, indicated by their new name for the planet, Ramaxicon. At the start of the Femitokon series, the Ramaxidol has been chugging along, just over 300-years.

Catching Mistakes at the End

There’s a scene in the second chapter of Suffocation that has our Sofita, and Fuzo Dox, aboard the PAC Goruym (her AI is called Gory, by her crew). Gory is a Polar-Air Command vessel, a floating cyber-marine life form that houses a clutch of deadly, Delphic Strikers.

When introducing her commanding officer, Deltad Polvix, I labeled her as ‘a Promad’. I wrote a sentence explaining her transition from PAC to Fleet, AND THAT WAS SO NOT WHAT I MEANT TO DO, but I did it, anyway.

Promad, is a Polar Fleet rank. It’s given to Marixi in commanding operational positions, that serve on ‘Fleet’ vessels, like the Toxis Class Submarine. You can’t be a Promad, in Polar Air Command–just by virtue of your vessel floating on the water.

Upon further review, I realized that all my PAC commanders, were given the rank of Promad. (OMGWTFBBQ). I had to alter the bios in my series-bible, to fix the mistakes.


What chaps my ass is that I didn’t catch this in my review of the 1st or 2nd drafts, my editors reviews of the 3rd, and 4th drafts, nor did I catch it in the 5th draft.


Tweeting and Writing


My revisions schedule, weep.

I’ve been engaging twitter in the mornings, it’s not so bad. I’ve noticed the following-grabbing some users engage in: follow as many people as you can, hoping for a follow-back, and when you don’t get one, you unfollow. That’s pathetic. 0_0

I’m on the 5th review of Suffocation. My motivation to stay on track is up and down these days, there’s so much going on during the autumn months. I finished NaNoWriMo early, having an extensive outline and dialog in place before writing writing the final book, Ascension II. After this election this year, I ended the book by killing my series protagonist. I must write my way out of that, because she needs to survive, and she must win.

Flying the Gullfire Over Leningrad

I made the mistake of following through on some writing advice, it was given to me by a well-read friend.

When I explained how I outlined each scene, before writing a novel, she exclaimed such a thing takes the fun out of being creative. (I don’t know if she speaks like this, but she types like this.). She advised me to just sit down and write the story, as it comes to me.

I sat down and wrote out Holodomor, without following an outline (one was written, but for the sake of this experiment, I ignored it) . I let my fingers do the talking for my brain, making up dialog and scenes, as they came to me. I finished this book in less than a month–so jazzed about that! I put it away (about a year or two, life was busy) and went back to it, last month.

I’m not capable of just sitting down, and letting the story come out of me.

The revisions for this book are a nightmare. I’ve actively avoided working on it, until today. I write from the head of, a set number of characters–I never go over four characters, if I can help it (I also don’t head-hop within a chapter, please!). Writing freely put me in the heads of characters I didn’t even care about. They played no real part in this novel’s outcome. Flashbacks appear where they aren’t needed, and perspectives took the plot nowhere.

Original Outline:  Holodomor is two stories running parallel, each is tangibly related due to Eppis Banto and Ilo Cux, as these are the characters you’re getting some deep info from. Sofita factors in because of her mission, and Dox, because of where she ends up at the end of the book, and how it affects Sofita. Two chapters put us in the heads of the antagonists.

Novel I Wrote: Holodomor is 70k words and eighteen characters of pure tripe. Eppis and Ilo’s sacrificial karma isn’t compelling enough, the Slavs are marginally interesting, and Sofita finishes another cool ass mission (hey, that’s two chapters!) and what the fuck happened to Dox (hey, the cliffhanger works!).


After restructuring whose heads I’m in, things got better. The closing chapters lead to the next book, and those chapters can be told from the perspective of characters that will make their mark, later in the series.

Chapters will be butchered, some scenes combined, and many scenes cut…

Never again will I write a novel, without my scene outlines!

Oh Crap

Hi writer, you know all those chapters you wrote, in the head of that character that you’re killing at the end of the book? Going to need to delete all that–or change the perspective of the narrative. I know it’s a fuckton of edits, but you were made this.

Go you.