Social Media and the Series

I know social media is an important part of promoting (did the comics thing for a LONG TIME and without Twitter or Facebook). According to Patreon, updating on Twitter and with a Facebook page is important if you’re doing the “fiction” or “comics” thing.

I’ve chosen to keep my social media presence for Femitokon in the world of Femitokon. Facebook is the trouble-making Koba Julo’s interHive channel that’s so popular among the Eleventh Gen that it’s got the current administration nervous. Julo’s no friend of the current Ruling Gen – she’s broadcast media enemy #1.

socialmedia1Her station is Channel RaMx. Loaded with reality-style programming (think Bravo meets MTV), RaMx also carries the Ramaxian Day Rise, a newscast cited more than once for revealing more than what the Fourth Office of the Committee allows. Here is a sample of their most popular shows (from the series-compendium):

Channel RaMx (popular shows listed by ranking)

  • Cit-Bluz Central (Reality – Erotic)
  • Orta Patrol (Reality – Military)
  • Ramaxian Day Rise (News)
  • Ice at the Fairgrounds (Sports News)
  • Sound of the Domes (Reality-Music)
  • Fairgrounds Live (Spectator Reality)
  • In the Mines (Reality – Vocational)
  • Behind the Markee (Celebrity Interviews)
  • Between the Poles (Drama – Military)
  • Subaki World (Drama – Romance)
  • The Mynu Collective (Drama – Comedy)
  • In the Gabishes (Reality – Vocational)
  • Darwin Awards (Reality – Helovx)

All Patreon updates will be announced at Facebook through Channel RaMx, along with posts about fictional shows airing in 23rd Century Ramaxia.


Twitter will also get updates, in the guise of the familiar Ice Flow.  Any citizen can post and interact with messages; even Citizenry Representatives have accounts on the Flow to garnish feedback from their constituents. The Flow is problematic for the Ruling Elite because of its allowance of flow-handles, keeping citizen’s names anonymous. Patreon updates announced by hive Intragux (flow-handle, Intragux) will occur amidst posts about the political, cultural, and social goings-on in Ramaxia.

Lucky for me I have an app that crossposts so I can easily market between episode releases and promotion won’t interfere with my creativity.

Femitokon – the Series, 12/31/2017

Shell Follow Up

In the first novel (fully edited – needs beta) the Shell began operating on its own, touching Sofita’s mind without permission, taking over for moments at a time, etc. In the second novel, Sofita follows up with an examination at the holistic lab, but Fyla Uym (Shell’s designer) isn’t there. In her place is Riltav Gwo. The young Hizak is a character that will feature heavily in the series, but in this scene, she makes her debut.

Currently editing this first draft…

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Damn, I Thought I Thought of That

I created an intellectual class of citizens called Hizaki (his-sah-kee).

stylepostFitat`femax (loose helovx translation: noble Femmar of Ramaxia) is the name of the fashion-conscious aesthetic of the Hizaki.  An entire industry revolves around styling Hizaki, and it’s staffed by the laboring Bizaki (bis-sah-kee).  Bizzy’s were the first to recognize Hizzah vanity, and from this, created a business around their cosmetic upkeep.

In my second novel, Holodomor, we get a look into the life of an Hizak named Eppis Banto. She starts her day at a Style-Sit where her hair and nails are done before moving on to a Fashion House of choice, to be fitted in the day’s ensemble. At the Style-Sit, Eppis speaks briefly with a Hizak peer that’s getting her eyes lashes curled. My method involved applying a perm-like gel to the lashes, protecting the eyelid with a stick-on shield.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it first. It’s called LVL Lash Lift. Not only didn’t I think of it first, it’s been in practice since 2013.


First Stage Edits: Holodomor

My 1st draft edits involve tightening the plot and fixing the dialog. I read my first draft (first time since writing it) and then went through and adjusted my scene cards, cutting any scene that added nothing to the overall story.


This part is the worst.

I ended up removing scenes that I adored. I’ve quite a collection of scenes now excised from Suffocation and Holodomor. Some are brilliant character pieces, while others are pure pornographic trash. I think when I release the series on Patreon, I will tighten these scenes up and offer them as freebies to my patrons.

Bible Excerpt: Anatomy


Bizak, Subak, Marix, Zaxir, and Hizak

Anatomical Basics

  • The Femmar are engineered before birth into four castes.
    • Bizaki, Subaki, Marixi, Zaxiri, Hizaki
  • Average height range of a typical adult is 6’5” to 7’5”
  • The Femmar have 280 bones and 52 chromosomes.
  • Femarctic craniums are thicker that of the helovx, and their brains larger, with greater synaptic interconnectivity.
  • The Femmar have 38 teeth; the fronts are lobed, pointed, and cusped, for grasping and tearing food. Back teeth are thick and flat, for crushing bone and shells.
  • The Femmar have off-white sclera, and gold/bronze irises.
    • Femarctic eyes contain a protein in the vitreous that breaks down abrasives and protests against natural lachrymators. Their eyes also include a layer of tissue called tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.
  • The Femmar have no vellum, axillary, or androgenic hair; all terminal hair is black.
    • Only the Marix-caste has no terminal hair.
  • The Femmar have eight layers of counter-shaded skin (dark throughout, but light to white along their chests, abdomen, and pelvic girdle), with a seam of skin called uzx, marking where the lighter chest and abdominal skin meets with the darker external hide.
    • Femarctic hides come in a variety of colors, from bronze and brown to various shades of gray and blue, with patterns ranging from light stripes to mottled spots–some Femmar have no patterns at all.


  • Femmar have what helovx consider to be ‘breasts,’ called suzsch. Suzsch are globes of subcutaneous fat over the chest.
    • Down the middle of each suzsch is the sensitive uzx.
      (Only the Marixi have differing suzsch and uzxi – see below).
  • All Femmar have a guzshlix (vagina), and a girxil,  a genito-anal slit used to expel urine and feces. The folds of the guzshlix are called the gashcol, and crowning the folds is a rydok (clitoris).
    • The opening of the guzshlix (vagina) is set where a human wears her pubis and navel; the elongated folds of the gashcol run vertically between the hips. An inch below the lower end of the gashcol is the girxil.
  • All Femmar, except Marixi, have a makodux (uterus) and a makzol (cervix); the Zaxiri have dual-makodux.

All Femmar produce a hormone called mitokerotein, a steroid not found in any other species on Ramaxicon. MitoK developed independently within the last generation of subjects engineered by the Femaki’xirpaxul. Helovxi calls MitoK ‘Femarctic Testosterone’, but no studies have been able to confirm any similarity to the testosterone found in helovx.

The Femarctic renal system is capable of processing salt water, allowing for safe digestion of saline. The Femmar also have an epigonal organ.