Social Media and the Series

I know social media is an important part of promoting (did the comics thing for a LONG TIME and without Twitter or Facebook). According to Patreon, updating on Twitter and with a Facebook page is important if you’re doing the “fiction” or “comics” thing.

I’ve chosen to keep my social media presence for Femitokon in the world of Femitokon. Facebook is the trouble-making Koba Julo’s interHive channel that’s so popular among the Eleventh Gen that it’s got the current administration nervous. Julo’s no friend of the current Ruling Gen – she’s broadcast media enemy #1.

socialmedia1Her station is Channel RaMx. Loaded with reality-style programming (think Bravo meets MTV), RaMx also carries the Ramaxian Day Rise, a newscast cited more than once for revealing more than what the Fourth Office of the Committee allows. Here is a sample of their most popular shows (from the series-compendium):

Channel RaMx (popular shows listed by ranking)

  • Cit-Bluz Central (Reality – Erotic)
  • Orta Patrol (Reality – Military)
  • Ramaxian Day Rise (News)
  • Ice at the Fairgrounds (Sports News)
  • Sound of the Domes (Reality-Music)
  • Fairgrounds Live (Spectator Reality)
  • In the Mines (Reality – Vocational)
  • Behind the Markee (Celebrity Interviews)
  • Between the Poles (Drama – Military)
  • Subaki World (Drama – Romance)
  • The Mynu Collective (Drama – Comedy)
  • In the Gabishes (Reality – Vocational)
  • Darwin Awards (Reality – Helovx)

All Patreon updates will be announced at Facebook through Channel RaMx, along with posts about fictional shows airing in 23rd Century Ramaxia.


Twitter will also get updates, in the guise of the familiar Ice Flow.  Any citizen can post and interact with messages; even Citizenry Representatives have accounts on the Flow to garnish feedback from their constituents. The Flow is problematic for the Ruling Elite because of its allowance of flow-handles, keeping citizen’s names anonymous. Patreon updates announced by hive Intragux (flow-handle, Intragux) will occur amidst posts about the political, cultural, and social goings-on in Ramaxia.

Lucky for me I have an app that crossposts so I can easily market between episode releases and promotion won’t interfere with my creativity.

Femitokon – the Series, 12/31/2017


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