Dialogue Excerpt

Former politician and industrialist Velto Wram is currently assigned as an Ambassador to the Slavic Empire; her ex-beauty Queen spouse Ilo Cux is with her. (first-draft edits, Tactical Pursuits)

Ilo Cux

“How can you tell when they’re pregnant, they’re all so thin.” Velto had paused to gawk at Ilo. “Maybe the ones you’re seeing aren’t pregnant. Maybe they’re just, healthy.”

“I can smell a pregnant helovx,” Ilo said, applying some sea-salt moisturizer to her legs.

“What do they smell like?” asked Velto, hypnotized by Ilo’s fingertips rolling smoothly over her voluptuous folds.

“Stink aside, I can hear the secondary heartbeat,” said Ilo.

Velto said, “I have a heartbeat,”

“You want my attention, doe?” Ilo asked.

Velto’s large round eyes shone back at her.

“Let’s list everything you did wrong tonight,” Ilo said.

Velto turned away, “That’s not the attention I was after!”

“Velts, you’re like a punch in the face,” Ilo said.

Velto Wram

Velto knitted her brow, “I’m a pleasure to be around!”

“Why can’t you just be nice?”

“I’m the nicest citizen I know!”

“You’re a massive girxhole, Velts.”

As Velto folded up her stretching matt, Ilo reclined on the bed.

“Velto, do you remember the first time we got together?”

“At the Gathering Center in Mynu,” Velto’s tail of hair swung side to side as she collected Ilo’s discarded clothes from the floor.

Scooting to the edge of the bed, Ilo planted her feet to the floor.

“That’s not the first time!”

“It was in Mynu during that Prime Citizen social. I remember distinctly because all you bellies were there and I wanted to—” Velto paused, “Wait, you said got together? We got together for the first time, in Toxis.”

“What were you going to say?” Ilo narrowed her eyes, “You said you remembered because wanted to, wanted to what?”

“I’m going to bathe,” Velto tossed the clothes at Ilo and then pointed, “Your attitude better be different when I come back out.”

“Enjoy that tub, you’re the only one of us that fits in it!”


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