Take from first-draft of Subversive Helovxis (Book 6).


Laxum woke with a start.

Chained to a chair made of sheet metal, all she could do was move her fingers and toes. Her hair was down, blanketing her shoulders, and she’d been stripped and put in a Femarctic male robe.

Her eyes scoured the darkness. She was in a cargo hold. Someone had scrubbed the algae from its dented flooring, but the walls, coated in slimy green fuzz, were ripe with life.

The lights came on, revealing dozens of armed men standing at a safe distance, all of them blinking so their eyes could adjust.

Laxum’s eyes didn’t need to regulate.

Five of her captors were Maori. The four near the entryway were Asian. The rest were a variety of islander-rats. Everyone kept their guns trained on her.

The closest was a lean Maori specimen with thick black hair and tape over his knuckles. On his chest was a tattoo depicting the letters T U I in a nest of filigree. When a man she recognized stepped out from behind this Tui, Laxum smiled wide.

“Tuk Pongia,” Laxum said, “Your government’s been hassling my office to counsel you regarding some of your more expensive acquisitions.”

“Here I am.” Tuk opened his arms to her.

Laxum eyed Tui, “If you’re taped up for my benefit-.”

“-Laxum Jyr,” a Femarctic male entered the cargo hold with Cao-Cy on his heels. Smiling at her, he addressed the others, “Brothers, you are in the presence of greatness. Ambassador Jyr spent most of her career as Civil-Representative of Utama, fighting to kill the ban on males.”

Laxum forced herself to remain calm.

“You’re alive? I was led to believe that the Primary fucked you to death.”

“Oh no, not to death,” Nephis said, “I’m a huge fan of yours Laxumjyr.”

“Don’t waste your esteem on me Nephis, my legislation called for the removal of the Balanced Citizenry Act,” Laxum said. “As an Eleventh-Gen product of your makers perverted riding sessions, you would’ve found no salvation.”

Tui punched Laxum, catching her on the cheek bone.


Nephis said, “Are your insults supposed to make me cry?”

Laxum shook off the pain, “You didn’t pull this stunt to orally pleasure my gash. Why am I here?”

“We’re working for a collector. He’s collecting things he considers toxic and evil and cruel,” Nephis slid onto Laxum’s lap, “A wealthy Chinasian man that used to have a nephew named Wu.”

“You smell nice,” Laxum said. When Nephis got up, she nodded at his crotch, “Can I see it?”

Tui slammed his fist into her again, hitting her on the temple.


Nephis put his hands on his thighs and leaned to, “Wu.”

“That name is familiar,” Laxum said, “Forgive me, I’ve no recollection.”

Cao-Cy stepped up, furious, “He’s the boy you forced me to kill!”

“…and you are?” Laxum asked, puzzled.

Cao-Cy lunged at her. Before he could make contact, Nephis put two fingers up, forcing Cao-Cy to his knees in pain. Cao-Cy struggled at her feet, writhing in agony, throwing up on the floor near her chair.

Laxum said, “Do not get vomit on my feet!”

Tuk shook his head, “You’re a cold mother fucker.”

“Tuk Pongia, I never fucked your blade crafting mommy,” Laxum said. “If I had, you wouldn’t be here right now surrounded by these hooligans.”

Tui swung, landing a punch to her jaw.

“You say the word Laxum, and I’ll stop hurting him,” Nephis said.

“Nephis,” Laxum shook off the pain. “You can put him between your legs, and squeeze,”

Tui punched her again, now she tasted her own blood in her mouth.

“What is wrong with you, you fuck!” Laxum struggled against the chains. Tuk pulled Tui back a step. Even a brainer farc was a dangerous farc.

Cao-Cy wheezed one last time, his frightened eyes on hers before he asphyxiated at her feet.

“Oki, Jin, toss this thing in the water until he molts,” Nephis sighed, “then cut us up some steaks.” As the two men eagerly did as they were told.  Nephis turned back to her, “Did you feel nothing for the little mako?”

“Did you feel nothing for Orestes,” Laxum demanded.

Nephis shook his head, “I didn’t kill my brother.”

“Your brother isn’t dead…” Laxum said.

Nephis jumped at her and took her head in his hands.

A painful ache rocked her brain, soon it was too much to endure, she screamed in agony. He let go of her, panting.

Tuk took Nephis in his arms, “What’s going on?”

Nephis broke free of him.

“He was never recycled! Where’s his body!” Nephis said.

Laxum tried to clear her head of the pain.

“Orestes’s fine. Sofita visits whenever she swells up enough, for a ride.”

Nephis pointed at her, “Sofitakul isn’t like you, Laxumjyr. You need to come up with better lies if you want to get a rise out of me.”

“Given your reputation Nephis, I won’t have to try too hard,” said Laxum.

Tui punched her on the side of the head this time.

Laxum cried out.

“Your hand is going to break eventually, you Zealander fuck!”

Nephis calmed, and slid back onto to Laxum’s lap.

“Relax Lax, no one’s going to mess up your hair, I’ve taken it down.”

Laxum snarled, “Detach from me!”

He touched his nose to hers.

“Don’t get the wrong idea about my affections. I hate gashes, Laxum. Like you, I prefer a helovx cock.”

Laxum decided the pain was worth it.

“Nephis, are you still versed in throwing your legs over your head and sucking on your own clasp. I was told you were a master of this, can you show me?”

Nephis stepped away from her, disgusted.

“Take her below!” Tuk shouted.

Tui and the others dragged her chair over a hole in the floor and then dropped her down.  She came down hard in the dark, but down here there was no algae or moss.

There were blankets arranged neatly, shell garland draped over the beams, and water churning on the other side of the room. This space belonged to Nephis Uym.

Laxum heard them above.

“We’re not handing Laxum over to the Chinasian.”

The one called Tui shouted at Nephis in a whiney voice.

“He paid us already!”

The other man, called Jin, said, “Tuk, talk to him-,”

Nephis snapped, “Sofita will come if we have Laxum.”

Tuk said, “The Femitokon?”

Does this Sofita have cash?” Tui demanded.

The fat one with the glasses, she thought Nephis called him Ben…

“Not everything is about money, Tui.”

“It is for me!” Tui cried.

The crazy Maori that Laxum saw eating like a pig in the rafters spoke up.

“Will we get to go to Antarctica?  I want to see an ice-burg.”

Why would the Femitokon bother coming for this one?” Tuk asked.

“Orestes is a weakness, I’m part of that,” said Nephis.

“The Femitokon’s dangerous.” Tuk was pacing.

Nephis’ voice dripped with sweetness.

“That’s why I want her baby, she’s going to kill the Primary for me,”

Let’s say she will,” said Tuk, “Why come for this one?”

Sofitakul cannot ascend to Primary if a member of her future Committee is dead,” Nephis was laughing, “Ascension my love, it’s a powerful thing.”



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