Catching Mistakes at the End

There’s a scene in the second chapter of Suffocation that has our Sofita, and Fuzo Dox, aboard the PAC Goruym (her AI is called Gory, by her crew). Gory is a Polar-Air Command vessel, a floating cyber-marine life form that houses a clutch of deadly, Delphic Strikers.

When introducing her commanding officer, Deltad Polvix, I labeled her as ‘a Promad’. I wrote a sentence explaining her transition from PAC to Fleet, AND THAT WAS SO NOT WHAT I MEANT TO DO, but I did it, anyway.

Promad, is a Polar Fleet rank. It’s given to Marixi in commanding operational positions, that serve on ‘Fleet’ vessels, like the Toxis Class Submarine. You can’t be a Promad, in Polar Air Command–just by virtue of your vessel floating on the water.

Upon further review, I realized that all my PAC commanders, were given the rank of Promad. (OMGWTFBBQ). I had to alter the bios in my series-bible, to fix the mistakes.


What chaps my ass is that I didn’t catch this in my review of the 1st or 2nd drafts, my editors reviews of the 3rd, and 4th drafts, nor did I catch it in the 5th draft.



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