Ramaxia: Mapping My Nation


Ramaxia is 23rd Century Antarctica. I’m not a visual artist, so when creating the series-bible I was forced to use royalty-free maps found on the internet to give whatever artists assigned to my project, an idea of what visual representation I’m going for.

My series-bible contains concept art found on the net but my bible isn’t public, so no one sees it but me, my publisher, and the artist hired to design something original, inspired by the concept art. When it comes to maps and such, many of those images are royalty-free, and can be altered by you with a simple image-editing program.

This is Ramaxia (click for bigger image):


It’s a crude geo-graphic elevation map I found of Antarctica, without her ice. I got rid of the factual place-names, and replaced them with my own.


Human Nations are what remain of humanity. There’s roughly 27,000 humans left on Ramaxicon (Earth); their continents have changed since the 21st century, and fusions and migrations of cultures have given rise to distinct groups and governments.

This is the African Trisect (23rd Century Africa), dominated by the theocratic Euro-Egyptian Alliance. In the years immediately following the Eros Impact, Western Europeans and the Turks descended upon northern Africa. As Africa underwent geological changes during the Dark Years, resources became limited, causing the Europeans and the Turks to wage war against the massive populations of the Sub-Sahara. The southern populace decimated, control of the continent fell into the hands of those living in the main North African island.


Another continent altered by a century of oceanic change (and the eruption of the super volcano at Yosemite in 2019), is North America – now a nation called the North American Union.


New nations like Brasilia emerged after intense tidal change plagued the planet following the tiny shift in our moon’s orbit. Population upheaval and wars over limited resources in Africa, brought coastal Gabonese to South America during the Dark Years. The continent had by then, lost nearly all of its native population to destructive earth-changes, famine, and disease.


23rd Century Hawaii became the nation of Hawaikki, after a century of constant post-impact volcanism connected the island chain.


The Ural Mountains is all that remains of  Eastern-Europe after oceanic changes brought on by the melting of the northern polar ice-caps, and glaciers throughout the Alps, flooded the continent. Uralskey is populated by Slavs that walled themselves in pre-impact, fearing refugees from other European nations would overrun them.


Due to swelling tides, and the Southern Pole retaining most of its inland ice, Australia lost only its habitable coasts; volcanism brought on by the Eros Impact of 2017, and the subsequent eruption of the Yosemite Volcano in 2019, gave New Zealand more land. Due Femarctic hostilities with Australia, there are no more humans living on that continent.


Greenland has no human population. Since the melting of its surface ice, it holds the second-largest supply of fresh water on the planet. Ramaxia retains control of the island and dispenses water to humanity–allowing no one human nation to control it.


 –and last but not least, the nation of Chinasia. The Eros Impact affected continental Asia greater, due to its proximity to the Middle-East. During the Dark Years, the pre-impact nation of China instituted severe anti-religious and culturally biased sanctions against refugees from Southern and Southwestern Asia, leading to the genocide of millions. The nation is now populated solely by descendants of Far-East Asians.



As you can see, I made these maps myself – aging them or coloring them to make them seem authentic. They’re in my series bible to remind me of place names, and their physical make-up. Cooler versions are slated for the app that will accompany the series.


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