Novel Excerpt: Fighting Scene

My own first-draft attempt at physical altercation, from Suffocation the first novel in the Femitokon Series.  Remember, helovx are humans – and the word ‘farc’ is considered a slur to the Femmar. ^_-

Characters featured in this scene – Sofita, Dox, and some human baddies from the nation of Chinasia.




It took four of helovx considerable effort to haul Fuzo back to the beach. There, they tossed her immobile body beside the carcass of the dead shark. The weighty doctor came into view, and peered down at her.

The uniformed man spoke in broken Hamgyong.

We appear to have a snoopy farc…”

Where’s her apparatus?” the doctor’s dialect was perfect.

The guard closest to her asked, “What apparatus?

A CV or RTR?” he spoke perfect Viet, when angry. “She must have one.”

The officer defended herself.

She doesn’t have a real time recorder. We checked her ears.”

Strip her,” the doctor ordered.

As the officers removed Fuzo’s uniform, they made snide remarks about her anatomy. Unable to move a muscle, she couldn’t beat them senseless as principle demanded.

They’d hastily flipped her onto her side, putting her face to face with the dead shark and its odd helovx eyes. The uniformed man used the tip of his boot to push her onto her back. When she felt the intrusion of the doctor’s cold-gloved fingers into closed lips of her unaroused gashcol, Fuzo inhaled sharply.

The doctor felt around the folds, then poked in deep.

One of you!” she snapped, pulling off her glove. “Go back to the area where you found her, and find the device!

Yes Doctor Zhang!” one of them shouted before darting off.

Fuzo made a concerted effort to look at this Doctor Zhang. Zhang was the name of the helovx whose death they’d been investigating.

Doctor Zhang called up to the crane operator, jerking her head toward the shark. “Get him onboard. We need to get out of here.”

The group of scientists filed in behind her as she bounded onto the deck of the ship, but uniformed man paused to stare out into the jungle. He seemed bothered by something out there.

The remaining guard, a muscular woman with a Pulsar rifle strapped to her arm, kicked Fuzo over, back onto her stomach.

What about this one?” she asked.

The uniformed man smirked, “Kill it.”

When the uniformed man disappeared into the ship, the guard raised the Pulser, and aimed the narrow end of it at Fuzo’s head.

“Bye-bye farc,”

Before she could fire, a force from behind knocked the guard down onto Fuzo. The guard’s Pulser then appeared pulled from her arm, tossed in the air, it landed onto the sand a few feet away. Recovering fast, the guard jumped up and took a fighting stance as the Komad materialized into view. Clad in the silvery skin of the armor, Kul allowed the guard to roll past her and snatch up the Pulser.

The guard fired off a quick shot, and Kul brought up her right arm, the holographic plating over it vibrated as it deflected the energy blast back at the guard. The guard dodged it, dropping her weapon in the sand; Kul kicked it into the water.

Unarmed, the guard lunged at the larger Kul.

Kul caught her by the arms and tossed her body across sand as if she weighed nothing at all. She then stepped quick to where the woman landed, and jabbed her in the stomach with a precise fist, knocking the wind from her.

As the woman lost her valiant battle to remain conscious, Kul knelt down beside Fuzo, still face down in the sand, naked, and paralyzed.

“Don’t get up on my account.” Kul mocked.

Fuzo tried to speak, but couldn’t.

Kul swiped her hand over her right arm, and brought up a holographic key pad, “Orny, take UCAV formation and retrieve Donmat Dox at these coordinates,” she said, typing numbers on the pad.

Whry gon?” Fuzo slurred.

“Boat ride,” said Kul, picking up the unconscious guard like a carry bag. She tossed her into the jungle, and then allowed the armor to render her invisible.


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