Organizing Your Large Cast

The Femitokon Series spans ten novels (there’s even extra novels) and the central figures of my series are those six Femmar destined to rule their country.

Sofita Kul is the Femmar who would be Queen, and while her story remains the focus of Femitokon, the series displays the lives of her five companions: Laxum Jyr, Eppis Banto, Velto Wram, Pitana Dag, and Fyla Uym. All five are integral to Sofita’s story, but also have their own stories to shape who they are and how they behave, throughout the series.

Here’s a sample from the series-bible (used to create the app):

Character Pages

Here’s the first page of Character Bios, set within the app.

When one clicks through, one is shown a character's full information.

When one clicks through, one is shown a character’s full information.

The one redeeming quality allowing future readers to retain focus on my cast of dozens, is that Femitokon is a serial-app. The prose is just one part of the Femitokon experience – there’s artwork, historical and cultural wikis, timelines, and most important, character bios.

When writing a serial, even if you’re not going the fictional-app route, you can make yourself something like this to better organize your characters. Go to WordPress or Wikia and build your world and its players. It’s the ultimate notebook.


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