I’m participating this year, since I have to rewrite (and write) the entire portion of Memory Kill – separating the story line from the completed novels ‘Holodomor’ and ‘Internal Vision’.  Removing all the flash back scenes from those books (all featured Fusada Kul) allowed me enough of a base to work a new novel.

I’m going to explore Fusada’s relationship with Sofita, her investigation of Fusa, and her attempts to conquer the Femitokon Shell. It will leave more questions than answers, but that’s the point of a serial work. ^_-

I’ve already uploaded the info at NaNoWriMo’s site, wish me luck.

Here’s an excerpt from the opening scene

Surface Operational Base #8
Orta Medical Center
Bamx (July) 12, 2207

Discomfort was nothing to new to her.

She abused her body every day, born of the Marix caste it was by design.

Her eyes fluttered open, her temples throbbed, and pain seared through her bones when she tried to turn her head. It took everything she was just to sit up, and when she finally got her shoulders off the bed, her stomach seized up, forcing her to heave dry and aggravate her tender head.

Forcing her teeth together in agony, she shoved her legs off the bed. When her feet touched to the floor, the cold tile soothed the skin of her toes. Standing upright took time, but when she did it the pain filtered down and seized her chest, stomach, and thighs.

She fell to the floor in anguish.

Don’t scream! Never let her hear you scream!

She refused to cry out, because growing up she’d done so while taking a punch from Fusa; her kerma loved it when she kicked you hard enough to make you cry.

Latching onto the railing of the bed, she got up just a few inches before losing her grip, her hands slick with her own spittle. From the floor, she could see the door. Crawling over the threshold, she became acutely aware of her nudity as her stomach ground against the floor.

In the hall, she pulled herself up on anchored seating, and heard the heartbeat of the lone Subak nurse as she rounded the corner and gasped on sight of her.

The nurse cried, “Doctor Uym! One of the subjects is awake!”

Struggling to remain on her feet, each passing step was a new lesson in suffering. Passing the rooms of the other candidates she peered in to find the first room held Julo from Toxis. Julo was still in bed, on her hands and knees, vomiting nonstop. She heard her comrade Fatu in the next room, screaming in torment.

The final room sat by the nurse’s station, and here she saw Komadon Yixo, a comrade from Pikalit, dead in her doorway.

Fyla Uym ran to her. Beautiful damaged Fyla.

She felt Fyla’s cold hands grasp her sore biceps.

“Get her a painkiller, I want her internals scanned.” Fyla snapped at the nurse.

“Three subjects survived implantation, Doctor Uym,” said the Hizak behind her, in a blue lab-coat. “This subject is the only one up and moving around.”

Fyla said, “Of course she’s the only one up, she’s Fusadakul!”


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