Diary Updates

Tina's BackSome of you might’ve noticed, I’ve unlocked and made UNprivate, a lot of posts on here.  Some of these posts appeared on Tumblr, as I re-posted them there, because I’ve been advised that a social-media presence of some sort, is necessary. Sadly, that site tends to do evil things to images that make me sad. 😦

I’m going to update this site regularly as I revise and write my way to finishing my first novel series. I closed this off in the past, I had my reasons–and I’m sorry to my friends, those that followed this site as creators and peers–it wasn’t cool putting the slam-door down on everyone, just because of one shitty person.

As always, my personal life is Polish Athena, and my sales/published window remains at Gynocrat Ink.


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