Editorial Process: Femitokon 2015

Even more has changed since I walked away from Amazon, and decided to finish the first novels of the series, and get me an agent.  Outlines are still in place, minor changes abound as I’ve prepared each novel to be serialized in digital format.


More under the cut…


Once a respected scholar, Sofita Kul has spent years hiding behind a rank and uniform she wasn’t genetically designed for. Inside she houses the Femitokon Shell, a cellular armor inherited from her dead twin, it has allowed her luxury of avoiding her destiny as next in line to rule Ramaxia. When called to investigate the death of Chinasia’s top geneticist, Sofita discovers a secret from her sisters past that changes everything…
(Intro Novel –  59k words – Final Revisions – In editorial)

[Installment 1] Ambassador Laxum Jyr’s human-male toy proves a distraction as her supervisor, Ambassador Prime Pitana Dag, enlists Sofita Kul’s help in determining who or what killed Pym Zhang, a Femarctic-human hybrid that dabbled in forbidden Femarctic biosciences.

[Installment 2] Komad Sofita Kul takes her young partner, Donmat Fuzo Dox, on her first mission between the poles. Sofita and Dox infiltrate the floating city of Hong Kong, and Sofita discovers some interesting leads in the deceased Zhang’s offices at the Genika Corporation.

[Installment 3] The rowdy Port Yukon at Holy Cross, offers up a human spy with a talent for sex, and reunites Sofita with her old friend Eppis Banto, now a powerful Citizenry-Representative for the city of Vanda.

[Installment 4] In Chinasia, the children of Pym Zhang are not what they seem… Miles from Holy Cross, Sofita learns she’s documented as having terminated a male named Jal Bos, but she’s never met him. Upon coming face to face with him in ISO, a prison at the bottom of deadly Lake Vostok, something within the Femitokon Shell reacts…

[Installment 5] The Femitokon Shell engaged, Sofita confronts Doctor Zhang at her hatchery in the northern polar sea. Here she discovers Zhang’s frightening secret, and its direct link to morbid Femarctic death-ritual.

[Installment 6] Suffocation ends as Sofita informs Laxum that her desire to ascend is rekindled. The mystique of Jal Bos forces Sofita to visit him one last time in his cell. The law says she must terminate him, but will the Shell in her blood let her do it?


It goes on this way, with all 10 novels.  🙂


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