Confronting Fears

I spent my night going over some of the first-drafts I finished for the Femitokon series.

Those that know me are aware of my intense dislike of komodo dragons. I’ve blogged about it in the past, and truly feel there isn’t a more evil animal than a komodo dragon. If it were up to me, they’d be wiped out–they serve no purpose whatsoever (I know you thinning-the-heard enthusiasts will disagree).

(f left) Fuzo Dox, Tavo Ex, Styba Balru

(f left) Fuzo Dox, Tavo Ex, Styba Balru

In Subversive Humanitarianism, a citizen named Tavo Ex, found guilty in absentia of aiding humans to the detriment of the Ramaxian citizenry, is hiding out in what remains of Indonesia (a few sparse islands that were once mountaintops), caring for and protecting a clan of humans living there.

The charges against her are bogus; she’s the donation (daughter) of Fusada Kul (dead twin of Sofita), and the Primary wants her dead, for fear Sofita might use her to ascend to the Primary’s position. Dispatched to execute Tavo is Terminal Sabotage operative Styba Balru. Hot on her tail is Femitokon operative Fuzo Dox—because Fuzo loved Tavo, and NEEDS to save her (!)

Eventually, Styba Balru acquires Tavo from Fuzo Dox—because she’s a superior agent. Island hopping to stay a step ahead of Fuzo, Styba learns one of the islands she’s on is uninhabited for a reason—there’s a horde of komodo dragons on the island. These are 23rd century komodo dragons, unable to swim from the island due to some evolutionary changes–and they’re hyper aggressive. Balru manages to scoop up a lone attacker, when it comes at Tavo (she’s tied up and defenseless), and as she holds the beast by the neck, she turns to find thousands of others glaring at her on the hill below.

I wont spoil the scene by detailing it, or its outcome, but I wrote it to 1. show off Balru’s dual-shot abilities—firing off her palm-blasters simultaneously in continuous motion in a machine gun affect, that’s a learned skill for a Marix, not a given. –and 2. I needed to confront my fear of attacking komodo dragons.  I needed to write them at their worst and most gruesome…


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