Tech Spec: TCS Orcinus

From the series-bible:

Bo Kilvx: Tenth-Gen PromadStock images are for assigned artist to draw from as a reference – all wiki-links (the stuff in italics) have been removed, as the Bible isn’t open to the public. Bo Kilvx is designed by artist Amelie Belcher.


The Orcinus is the twelfth Cybaleen life form serving in the Polar Fleet branch of the Ramaxian Armed Forces. Her territory encompasses the Raxito Acarol (Indian Ocean) of Ramaxicon.  Orcinus is the assigned carrier of Nautical Pod Twelve and Sword Pod Kyltial. Her commanding officer is 10th Generation Promad, Bo Kilvx.

Orcinus was engineered by the Prime Lab of Ramaxia in 2128. Fusion of tharspin enhancements took place in 2145, her peak adult length being 180 feet. Orcinus was ssigned to Orta Biologic in 2150, where her anatomy and physiology were trained to perform as a Toxis Class Submarine.  In 2182, Orcinus’ organic brain was mapped and fused to the first line cerebral-hive interfaces called Kyrsbrains. Her consciousness, named “Connie”, was transferred to her Kyrsbrain in 2183, and she was chosen for commission by hive Pentox, in 2184.

TCS Concept


Orcinus Crew and Armament

Nautical Pod Twelve – Orta North Barracks 12
57 Marixi
45 Fleet
12 Officers

Pod Kyltial
6 Swordfighter life-forms
12 Marixi – Polar Air Command

Defensive Program

Interphase-shielding capable of a solidification density of eighteen feet.

Offensive Capabilities

8 Kyrsat-Cannons that discharge kyrsat energy in the form of a beam with maximum ranges of 200 nautical miles, and an impact power of 80 kilotons.

Nautical Pod Support

The armory is stocked with a permanent inventory
140 Palm-Blaster Units
80 Collapsible-Body-Armor Pills
80 Plasma-Rifles
78 Field Surgical Kits
80 Remote Hibernation Packs

Fleet Medical Interface

Orcinus contains a fully-stocked medical bay with remote connection capability to Mainland-Terminus, and two Remote-Surgical units.


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