Femitokon: Maps

From the series-bible:

The year is 2228, humanity has spent two centuries recovering from near extinction, and are mere background players in Sofita’s missions; despite their presence, the series narrative remains focused on the political and private drama that unfolds in Ramaxia.

African Trisect 23rd Century

African Trisect (Europa Isle, Skeleton Gate, and Kenya Island)
Population: (Helovx) 6,954 as of 2205
Habitable Land: 11,008,000 square miles
Kardeshev Scale: Type 1
Major Cities: Ahaggar, Normandy, Britain, Karnak, New Rome
Central Government: Euro-Egyptian Alliance
Primary Language: Anglo-Germance, Turkic

The Euro-Egyptian Alliance is a Helovx-Nation, a Femarctic term used to describe helovx (human) governments. These nations and their populations are all that remain of the human race, following the centuries of geological upheaval and social collapse.


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