Project Femitokon: I’m Back.

I’ve been working on a series of novels since 2001 about a future nation known as Ramaxia, and the single-gender race of Femmar that inhabit it. I finally got a publisher interested in the series, only to have the novels I completed, obliterated by a computer mishap (and my idiocy in failing to back anything up). The pub remained open to the material, and I retired from working nine-to-five to dedicate time to rewriting everything I lost (my series bible was the only thing left); I even took a ghost-writing job for a TV show writer to pay my bills and keep me from upsetting my family budget.

In September, the publisher announced they were crowd sourcing new acquisitions, a scheme I have no problem with because I’ve done it before, but the money they were offering fell extremely short of the budget I quoted when I pitched my project a couple of years before. I emailed the chap I was dealing with to see if my project was part of this new program. I was told that it was. I walked away.

Femitokon is still a go; I’ve got seven first-draft manuscripts completed (five of those are rewrites!) of the eight-novel series, the first novel is being edited by a pro I hired (YOU CANNOT EDIT YOUR OWN FICTION, SELF-PUBLISHERS, YOU JUST CAN’T) -and I thanks to her, I got prospect lined up that’s given me the confidence to finish what I started.

I’m going to post updates at tumblr (I left Flickr!) to scraps, sketches of the characters, the 23rd century world Femitokon takes places in, and random bits of things from the series bible.

Thanks for looking.


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