Death in Femarctic Society

–from the series-bible

Death in Femarctic society is called ‘termination of life’ or ‘termination’. There are five forms of of termination, with only two blocking the deceased’s flesh from being used in the creation of the next Ramaxian Generation (this passing on of DNA is called Recycling, or ‘to Recycle’).

  • Shish’gidul (Death by Another) (Homicide)
  • Rod’ntil (Death by Recompense) (Life for a Life)
  • Termination (Legal Execution)
  • Self-Termination (Assisted) (Ceremonial Suicide)
  • Early-Termination (Suicide)

Shish’gidul, the unlawful killing of another citizen that is of no physical threat to you, is outlawed under the Ramaxi P’uxial; it is a violation of Shishn’til; an ideal developed by the original subjects of Lake Vostok meaning “same-bones”. Those first Femmar believed they were all of the same line, with one maker. To harm another, or cause the death of one of their own, was unconscionable–and demanded Rod’ntil. The DNA of murdered citizens is always recycled.

Rod’ntil is a concept spawned of the notion of Shishn’til. The words origins lie with the Russian’s held captive by the Femmar; their word for ‘mother’ and the Ramaxi word for flesh; when a life is taken inadvertently due to a citizen’s actions, then it’s the duty of the responsible citizen to offer her own life as recompense to ‘the mother’ – life itself.  She that offers her life as recompense retains her right to recycle–the ultimate goal for any Femmar.

Legal Termination is a sentence handed out via guardia-mandate, or militaristic-order.  Those found guilty of crimes against the citizenry that involve the loss of another life, have the choice of Isolation, or termination; but this is not considered Rod’ntil, because it is the citizenry that’s offering the guilty party a choice after she’s been found guilty of her crime. Termination is carried out upon all Femarctic-Males, either collected among the citizenry, or turned in by their own hand.  A terminated citizen’s flesh isn’t recycled, because the flesh is damaged and no longer valid.

Self-Termination has a sacred place in Femarctic society; it is performed by those that have lived past their prime in age, and feel that they are no longer of use to their caste, or the citizenry. Self-Terminations are typically carried out at licensed ‘Recycle Centers’, medical offices set up for the sole purpose of processing the dead. Many are ceremonial pod-oriented affairs that allow elders to self-terminate peacefully among family and friends, attended by licensed Recycle attendants.  Self-terminated citizens are always recycled by the GDP.

Suicide, or early-termination, before one has passed their prime in age, is taboo in Femarctic society. The bodies of those that Early-Terminate are never recycled. They are disposed of ritually, using ramxkul, the sharks used to devour the flesh of engineered marine-lifeforms that do not survive cyberization.


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