Femarctic Males

A short and tragic history, of the Femarctic Male

–from the series-bible:

Strict gestational schedules regulated social balance until Femarctic geneticists of the 5th Ramaxian Gen created a male of the species, in 2125.

When the 6th Ramaxian Gen reached sexual maturity, unscheduled-births began throughout Ramaxia.  Hizaki, Subaki, Zaxiri, and Bizaki engaging in sexual activity with Femarctic Males, became pregnant and were giving birth; a large percentage died during delivery, and a minor percentage of these newborns were male. In the decades that followed, generational imbalance plagued the Femmar and caused political turmoil as Femtrux, the life-form responsible for maintaining operational order in Ramaxia, was given oversight in handing the imbalance.

The year that the scheduled 9th Ramaxian Generation was delivered by way of the 6th Gen, there were as many free-births as scheduled (hence the term, the Polluted Generation). Before the 9th Gen could reach sexual maturity, the first Male-Collections began in an effort to remove Femarctic males from the citizenry. Over time, the male population was reduced, as was the number of free-births.  It was with the ascension of the 9th Ramaxian Gen in 2185, that being male became outlawed; and free-births ceased.


Males were not as environmentally robust as typical Femmar, because of this they had access to portions of their brain that standard Femmar do not; this intricate brain usage was said to have developed in response to their weaker physical state. The first generation of males of the 6th Ramaxian Gen were born with the ability to meditate so deeply they could forgo hibernation. During the era of Free-Births, males born of the disenfranchised 7th and aborted 8th, weren’t able to do this, but meditation afforded them the ability to connect with one another in a subconscious realm similar to the hives of Femtrux . Males of the scheduled and free-born 9th were also able to communally meditate, and had the ability to sense emotions upon sight and smell of any given citizen. The males of the 10th Ramaxian Gen were also born capable everything the others were, but unlike them, they could alter the mood of the citizens around them.


Despite initially being coded to exist only within the Subak and Zaxir castes, Femarctic Male DNA continued to develop beyond its design while in the makodux.  As a result, many males were born unwilling to adhere to the castes they’d been assigned. Males unwilling or unable to adjust, were placed in a behavior modification program called “The Retraining and Education System”, or RETRED. Males unsuccessful in Retreds, were turned over to Orta Main and assigned to base barracks to serve as social units.

These surrendered males were called ‘Caste-Offs’.

Upon entering aggressive Orta society, caste-offs sought out sexual relationships as a means of protection from abusive Marixi, or established stronger cast-offs. Cast-offs took on submissive roles to Officers and Fleeters, in exchange for safety within the barracks.  Due to this unpleasant life, high rates of suicide in males became common.

Cessation of Design

Anticipating the 9th Gen’s physical maturity, the 6th Gen administration of Primary Ixo Kul ordered the first ‘Collection’ of males during the 9th Gen’s donational years; it was a voluntary call enacted between 2164 to 2168. Over 8,000 males born of the 6th, 7th, and 8th Gens turned themselves over for removal from the citizenry.

When the voluntary call delivered little to no 9th Gen males, a ‘Second-Collection’ was enacted accompanied with a campaign of fear; warning of the dangers of free-births and how males are the single cause. From 2172 to 2176, an atmosphere of distrust developed throughout Ramaxia as citizens began looking out for pods hiding their males, and were encouraged to report males in the citizenry.

When the 9th Gen reached sexual maturity, free births dropped to record lows, but not enough to restore the balance upset by births outside the scheduled output. In 2185, when 9th Gen Primary Fusa Kul and her Committee took control of Ramaxia, they nationalized the GPD and took away their autonomy in producing scheduled generations.  After losing her bond partner during the delivery of a free-born donation, Kul outlawed free-births, setting the stage for Doctor Wox Dag, former PC of the GDP, and newly ascended Fifth Officer of the Committee, to enact a cessation of male-design. A collection of males began that rounded up thousands.  In 2193, after figures for registered 9th and 10th Gen males fell short of those collected, Kul’s administration passed the Balanced Citizenry Law, and the Femitokon Division was employed to weed out males hiding in the populace, as regular citizens.

No new males were delivered in production of the 11th Ramaxian Gen in 2210-2211; there were no free-born donations either. Because of this, they were dubbed, ‘The Pure Generation’.


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