Major Design Changes

Most of the novels are written now (first drafts) and I’m getting a better feel for how they’re taking shape. Good news back from the submission front. Publisher looked at my outlines and wants to talk “option”. That doesn’t mean squat until I turn over some manuscripts, and they put some coin in my hand.

There’s been some editorial changes to titles, plots, and character-names–but overall, the series is still intact.

1. Suffocation
Once a respected scholar, Sofita Kul has spent years hiding behind a rank and uniform she wasn’t genetically designed for. Inside she houses the Femitokon Shell, a cellular armor inherited from her dead twin, it has allowed her luxury of avoiding her destiny as next in line to rule Ramaxia. When called to investigate the death of Chinasia’s top geneticist, Sofita discovers a secret from her sisters past that changes everything…

2. Holodomor
After the death of their Empress, the Slavic Empire puts her son Grand Duke Mikołaj on the throne. When Kul arrives to retrieve Ambassador Velto Wram, and her wife Ilo, she discovers that Mikołaj’s advisers, the Brothers Kotko, may be unwilling to part with the Ambassador…

3. Memory Kill
While Dox lies in critical condition on board the Orcinus, Sofita gains access to the private journals of her dead sibling. Here she learns of Fusada’s inability to conquer the Shell, how she transitioned her obsessive connection to Sofita to loving the male Jal Bos, and comes to understand the depths of Fusada’s all-consuming desire to ascend.

4. Internal Vision
While Pitana Dag and Velto Wram face censure for the Slavic-Empire incident, Sofita Kul is ordered to the Tasman Sea to retrieve files detrimental to the Citizenry, and take out an unsanctioned bridge moments ahead of a massive tsunami. After losing her connection to the Femitokon Shell, Sofita is forced to communicate with the consciousness of the Shell, and finds its taken on the face of Fusada Kul.

5. Tribal Warfare
Komad Kul is dispatched to terminate the insane hybrid ‘Utahraptor Sil’, roaming the wastelands of the North American Union with his gang of violent followers. To locate him, Kul visits Sil’s father Caro Cristi, a full blooded Femarctic male hiding as a human, imprisoned for his role as a destructive cult leader. Hot on Kul’s trail is NAU operative Adam Peirce, determined to discover the secret of the Femitokon Shell.

6. Subversive Humanitarianism
After Dox absconds with the Ornith, to save her first love from being terminated by a deadly rival named Styba Balru, Kul is forced from medical recovery to retrieve Ambassador Laxum Jyr, after she’s taken hostage by Nephis Uym, a young Femarctic male with highly advanced psychokinetic abilities, and a long list of enemies he wants dead.

7. Silence is Golden
Pitana Dag’s longing for an old love causes her to develop romantic feelings for the human ambassador Deborah Chase. Political fallout from Laxum Jyr’s abduction results in the removal of the Prime Chair of the GDP, Ryba Wygz, but when it appears Fyla Uym murdered Wygz, Sofita’s forced to sacrifice an old friend to ensure their genetic heirs remain hidden.

8. Permanent Stains
As Laxum Jyr struggles with her maker’s decision to end her life, young citizens Dak Perkad, Riltav G’wo, Obiz Banto, Crix Utabi, Ebival Kul, Fuzo Dox and Styba Balru, find their allegiances tested when the Primary declares war on humanity.  While attacking the humans, Primekomad Sofita Kul allows the Primary to see fighting as the Femitokon, setting the stage for an inevitable confrontation.

9. Ascension I: The Polluted
While doubts plague the Primary regarding Sofita’s identity, the rift between CM1 Ryo Uym and CM4 Rasa Jyr turns violent, leaving CM1 Lekada Wram and CM3 Tee Banto, fearing for their future. Meanwhile, Nephis Uym returns, handicapped from his last bout with the Femitokon, determined to destroy Sofita’s chance to ascend.

10. Ascension II: The Silent End
In the final novel of the Femitokon series, Sofita Kul, Eppis Banto, Fyla Uym, Laxum Jyr, Velto Wram, and Pitana Dag, challenge the Primary and her Committee, for control of Ramaxia.


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