Minor Design Changes

I’ve hammered out the episodes to fit the outline of the overall story.  Volume 2 arc was difficult–as a broke town plot elements and combined them, in order to make a tighter story.  I ended up doubling the final chapter of the series, because there’s so much going on in it–it needs two parts.  So far, there’s symmetry.


The Chilling Fields

Surface Operational Detachment Commander Sophita Kul and Ensign Fuzo Dox are ordered to retrieve the body of the Chinasian government’s top bio-geneticist, half-Femmar Pym Zhang.  Ordered to avoid the Antarctican consulate in the Kuril Trench, Kul and Dox go in silent and discover that the deadly project Zhang was working on, might be more than they can handle.


After the death of their Empress, the Slavic Empire puts her son, the Grand Duke Mikołaj, on the throne, an action that results in the dissolution of their diplomatic treaty with Antarctica. When Commander Kul and Ensign Dox arrive to retrieve Ambassador Velto Wram and her wife, they ascertain that Mikołaj’s advisors are unwilling to part with the technology given to them—and they also find out just how much that technology has been perverted by the Slavs.

 Bye Design

As Ensign Dox lies in critical condition on board the Antarctican sub Orcinus, Captain Bo Kilvx gives Sophita her deceased sister’s digital journal, written during her years as a Lieutenant-Commander in the Femitokon Program.  As Sophita sits by Dox’s bed, she views the last days of Fusada Kul, the strongest, brightest, and most accomplished femmar of her battalion; she also learns the identity of Jal Bos, the femmar male that Fusada came to love.

 Let Sleeping Dogs Drown

Captain Kilvx prepares to leave the Tasmanian Sea when sensors indicate a tsunami bound for New Zealand, but a last minute message from Antarctica orders Sophita ashore to retrieve files detrimental to the Citizenry.  When Kilvx refuses to abandon Sophita to the tsunami, Sophita demands she promise to flee the area before the wave can interfere with the Orcinus’ systems, mainly those keeping Dox alive.

 Tribal Warfare

 Fuzo is back in action and ready for her next mission with Sophita.  A secret North American Union research community is violently attacked by roaming nomads, led by an insane half-Femmar male known as ‘Utahraptor Sil’.  In order to apprehend him, Commander Kul is forced to visit Sil’s father, Caro Cristi, a full blooded femmar male hiding as a human, and imprisoned for his role as a destructive cult leader.

Into the Fold

When Sophita discovers that Nephis Uym, a young Femmar male with highly advanced psychokinetic abilities, is part of a gang of rowdy Zealander’s behind the kidnapping of Ambassador Laxum Jyr, she’d forced to deal with a part of her past she’d rather forget—the loss of her first love Orestes Uym, and how his little brother Nephis played a part in her self-imposed exile from Antarctica.


Subversive Humanitarianism

Commander Kul and Ensign Dox are sent to apprehend a femmar wanted for interfering with naval officers, on behalf of humans.  When they arrive, they find that their civil disobedient, Tavo Ex, has done nothing they’re accusing her of, and when she tells her captors why she abandoned her duty station at the Mariana’s Trench, she puts Sophita on a path she’s spent her entire life, trying to avoid.

Silence is Golden

Pitana Dag struggles to maintain her mental health as her position as diplomatic attaché on Base 13 is compromised by her feelings for human NAU Ambassador Deborah Chase, and the ongoing power struggle between she and her friends, born to be the cabinet of the Silent Generation’s Ruling Gen, and the current Ruling Gen’s Primary and Committee of Five.

Six Pack Attack

After a series of earthquakes take the main computers offline at a hidden research facility under the ice of Antarctica in 2013, scientists stationed there release six genetically engineered humanoids in the hope they can help them get life support back online.  Once the six subjects stabilize the facility, they stage a non-violent coup with the sole purpose of releasing hundreds of thousands of their sisters from hibernation.

Maybe I Will Win

Handicapped by his last bout with Sophita Kul, femmar male Nephis Uym intercepts a ship carrying his sister Fyla, in order to tell her that he wasn’t responsible for their brother Orestes coma.  He also reveals his plan to ensure that the Silent Generation never takes control of Antarctica, but killing the hidden child of Sophita Kul.  Fyla does the unthinkable, and tells Sophita’s daughter the truth—and Sophita does something worse, she makes a deal with Jal Bos to save them all.

Ascension Part 1

The Silent Generation Committee in Waiting Eppis Banto, Fyla Uym, Laxum Jyr, Velto Wram, and Pitana Dag, plan to challenge the current Primary and her Committee of Five for control of Antarctica, when it becomes clear that they have no plan to hand over rule as required by law; only the Primary in Wait can insist the current Ruling Gen step down, and that femmar is Sophita Kul.

Ascension Part 2

When the Primary announces she and her Committee of Five will not step down, they are officially challenged by their six successors and a physical fight is scheduled between Sophita and the Primary; on the day of the competition, as Sophita arrives to the surface arena for the battle, she finds newly awakened Orestes at the Primary’s side.


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