Sunday Workings

I found a better paying job, about a week after starting the new job.  0_0  I jumped ship, took the ‘Teller test’ and begin training in a bank tomorrow.   The hours are good for me, and the tasks don’t require massive amounts of thinking and drama, and the pay should allow me some extra funds in my pocket for holidays this year, and comic projects I want to work on.

Speaking of which… VIZ has opened up submissions again.  >.>  I don’t have a chance in hell because my name is known to the big-wigs there because I talked at GGY about an employee leaving the company and every blog on the planet latched on to it like a starving vulture.  >_<  But…I’m going to clean up my presentation, get some character art done, and send it in.  If they refuse me outright, then I’ll know my situation with them – hopefully they’ll read it, consider it, and then tell me no.  ^_^v

The Waller project is still a go.  I’m working on that today – I have to admit that the current ‘Rise of the Olympian’ Wonder Woman arc is putting a kink in some of my plot developments, but I’m staying on the proper path with this.  I think I can pull it off.


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