A Case of the Fridays

I haven’t the motivation to work on anything because of outside events.

I start a new job [administrative] at an animation studio in Austin on October 5; I won’t see my kids as much as I’d like to.   Also – it seems that the German edition of ‘Games with Me’ wasn’t printed in time for Connichi and so the big debut there will be the artbook ‘Blue’ by the super-talented Mikiko Ponczeck [zombiesmile].  This really upsets me not just on a egotistical level, but I knew it was a long shot anyway. It disappointed me because it’s a missed opportunity – a massively missed opportunity.  Debuting at an event is always what’s best for sales; and sales mean royalties. I have no complaints about this publisher; they’ve been excellent to me at every turn – communicative, quick with author copies, and on the ball in financial matters.   The release was slated for September, but not Connichi – so I wont be emailing or griping because they’ve done nothing to warrant my displeasure.  Hopefully eManga.com will release ‘Games’ digital sometime next week, perhaps this will lift my spirits.

None of these things means the end of the world I know, but it’s affected my creative drive today.  *sulk*


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