Holy Crap!!

First, comics-writing: I managed to get a chunk of the final chapter of the Polish graphic novel ‘Sacrifice’ finished – chapter wont be 50 pages, it’s definitely more.  Pages are thumbed and scripted – waiting to hear back from Asurit on final dragon scenes.

Next – this sudden Citation attack at Wikipedia.  I had no idea where it was coming from…only that it came on the heels of some extreme weirdness a la this site called Yaoi World and it’s involvement with Kira Takenouchi.

Well, it seems the the Wiki weirdness mystery is solved, with two familiar subjects popping up: Yaoi World and Takenouchi.


Thanks to Zeke at Twitter/baramanga

It seems that someone, in an effort to help Kira Takenouchi’s Wikipedia entry stay posted – cited Yaoi World and  :Tina Anderson:  quite extensively in their argument as to why Takenouchi should not be deleted.

First – what’s Yaoi World?

1. Someone pretending to a legitimate yaoi online publication emails me about an interview because they’re looking for global-yaoi creators to debut their site with.  I say sure, sounds great – am excited yada yada.

2. I look at site and see Kira Takenouchi [her fallout publisher SL Publishing, and artists that work for both of them] featured prominently with some seriously inflated and unfounded headlines like ‘Yaoi Pioneer’ etc.  My name in the meta-tags, and in some cheesy-butt flash intro that makes me wince.

3. I share my concern with 2 other creator/publishers contacted by Yaoi World, and one of them feels the same way I do; the other comes around, but says ‘I’ll do it for the publicity’.

4. I email Yaoi World back and ask outright, what’s up with site and it’s very embellished focus in Takenouchi. I also come right out and ask if this is just Kira or SL fronting an online mag in order to market themselves. This is not a bad thing really:  If you’re using Yaoiworld.net as a means of gathering publicity for yourselves [either collective or not] then just come out and say that.  ‘Hey, we’re trying to drum up publicity for our style of fiction we call ‘American Yaoi’ and because you’re a GloBL manga creator, we think there’s some fan-crossing so how about an interview and linkback?’  Would I have said yes?  Maybe–if there was some free adspace in it for me, or a small fee…but it’s gratis, and I still feel I wasn’t approached honestly.  =_=;

5.  I get a reply accusing me of envy and jealousy  I’m jealous of Ms. Takenouchi and that’s unpro of me, and then I get a story about a private Japanese investor backing Yaoi World yada yada yada, and he’s insisting on the Kira focus because she has a scary following in Japan and her Taming Riki books are why there’s a new AnK anime coming out.  [I shit you not, I am not making this shit up–this is what was said to me.]

6. I call bullshit, and say no thanks.

7. They reply they’re upset with how ungracious I am, because they planned on giving me an award!!  [news to me].

8. I still call bullshit and say no thanks again, and this time explain why: I have more to offer them in terms of exposure then they do me. ^_^   Nothing personal…just not worth my time – and I doubt the sincerity of the entire ‘publication’.

So how does your Wiki-Entry enter into all this?

Here it is, page toward bottom

This is why my Wiki entry has suddenly been cited for just about everything known to man – from my notability, to ISBN authenticity.


—> Obscure? No offense, but you guys are idiots. Kira was just named “Best New Yaoi Author in the World” for 2009 by Yaoi World. You people are really out of touch. The same publication is featuring authors also hosted here on wikipedia but they are not the feature article, Kira is. Asking a COMPETITOR about KT hardly counts. Yuri is COMPLETELY different from yaoi. Yuri is girl on girl. If you don’t know anything about Yaoi, keep off this page. Kxings (talk) 05:09, 5 August 2009 (UTC)Kxings <—

Then this: —>You people are really funny. You think wikipedia is the gold standard or something? No one needs to be listed in wikipedia when there are a zillion other pedias out there to be listed in. So your insulting suggestion that we’re trying to boost Kira’s notability is ridiculous. She is ALL OVER THE WEB ALREADY. The only reason I even care is that you really ought to at least be half-way accurate about what you’re including in wikipedia. You include Tina Anderson, but not Kira Takenouchi? Where does that come from? Do you even monitor any of the other yaoi writers listed on this site, or do you just come here? Having yaoi article without mentioning Kira Takenouchi is like celebrating candy without including chocolate. I honestly don’t know why I’m wasting my time, except now I feel insulted, especially since NONE of you knows ANYTHING about yaoi and yet have the audacity to put this page up for deletion. You have your notability question answered by Yaoi World. You can’t get much more notable than “Best New Yaoi Author in the World”!!

The editors gets weired out, of course:

# Comment I believe we need to have a checkuser done for Kxings (talk · contribs) and Katsumasahiro (talk · contribs). Both accounts where created at about the same time, both edit the same group of articles, both add the same content, and both edit at approximately the same time. This raises the suspicion of sock puppetry. –Farix (Talk) 12:30, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

* I would have said that all of the above similarities could easily be a coincidence, but it’s interesting how they both sign their names using exactly the same non-standard style. Coincidence? Hmmm… –DAJF (talk) 12:46, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

o I think not. There are just too many coincidences to be coincidental. That is usually the tell-tell sign of a sockpuppet. But a checkuser will confirm such suspicions. –Farix (Talk) 12:51, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

+ Sockpuppet, that crossed my mind too. I won’t mind if someone drop a line or two at wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations. –KrebMarkt 13:14, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

# Good call. Possibly a positive. Seb az86556 (talk) 13:23, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

But Wait, there’s more:

One editor nominates the Takenouchi for a STRONG DELETE:

Strong Delete:  Out of a pure “gut feeling:” someone who throws unreferenced material at us, starts arguing, then pulls up a website that’s “under construction,” calls several others users ‘idiots’ and ‘homophobes,’ then brings up the next website with flying logos and a lot of bling — also “under construction” — and then rants away at this deletion-nomination in the same tone, clearly does not have a concept of what “reliable sources” are. Anyone who is certain about verifiability simply would not need to throw a tantrum like that, but rather just go to the bookshelf and direct us to the relevant page. Seb az86556 (talk) 13:23, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

So how did I end up getting sprayed by this shitfest?

—–> This appears to be a Catch-22. You cite notability issues; fair enough, a good reference is provided. (If you have doubts about its authenticity, why not contact the other individuals being interviewed for the Yaoi World issue? Surely you are not suggesting that Katsu has fabricated all those different companies, sites, artists, and authors, including Tina Anderson who is listed here on wikipedia, simply to create the illusion of a real e-zine? I find it hard to believe this is the view you are standing behind. So, down goes the reference, and then we are a back to notability issues, which makes it easy for you to delete the entry.

RESPONSE: Yaoi World has not had a single publication at this time and its website contains no articles. In fact, all the website has to say is that it is currently under construction. So attempts to use Yaoi World as a source fails both of the policies on biographies of living people (BLP) and verifiability and cannot be used in an article. […] If you look at the Tina Anderson article, you will see that she has been covered by an academic paper and an interview with Anime News Network. While I have not checked the extent of her coverage by the academic paper, the ANN interview is fairly detailed. Even with that, Anderson is just barely scrapping the edge of notability. This is far more then what Kira Takenouchi currently has. Even the Publisher’s Weekly source is just a blog entry that is commenting on another blog entry. That is rather dubious as a source itself. –Farix (Talk) 16:24, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

THANKS FARIX!! Scrapping notability is my ultimate goal in life!! ^_^v

—-> and finally this:

Are you seriously accusing Katsu of fabricating Yaoi World, as well as all those writers, companies, and artists just to create a reference? First of all, it’s impossible, he couldn’t have done it. Visit the sites that are listed as having made the Rising Stars & Entrepreneurs list. They are established sites that are independent of KT, in fact, they are competitors. Tina Anderson has been listed here on Wikipedia for years. Juxtapose Fantasy has been around for maybe 10 years. Becca Abbott, too. Are you really suggesting that Katsu made some elaborate plan beginning over a decade ago to create fake yaoi writers and companies, which includes writing hundreds of stories on all these different sites, learning how to draw amazing yaoi art, all for the purpose of one day editing a silly wikipedia entry so as to have a reliable source showing notability for Kira Takenouchi? Think about it and you will realize how absurd that position is. If you delete this entry as “not notable”, you must also delete Tina Anderson, since she is here on wikipedia and is one of the authors being interviewed by Yaoi World. (I’m not actually suggesting you do that, I like Tina Anderson. I’m being facetious, just trying to make a point.) Kxings (talk) 16:37, 5 August 2009 (UTC)Kxing


Ok, sure you do–NOT.   >_< why is my name constantly being brought up here. Thanks for making me the citation-assignment over at Wikipedia dude. Ouch.

My internet time is so limited these days, and just once – when I get on – I’d like to get on and not have to deal with this sort of bullshit.

:/  Is that too fucking much to ask?


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