Slow Bro

Writing and thumbing 2 pages in 2 days in unacceptable. =_=;

I’m struggling here and I’m not sure why.

Maybe residual bad vibes from that Yaoi World nonsense or the language barrier issue [not writing in English here]. I’m suddenly reminded of that scene in The Exorcist where the mother Chris is telling the neurosurgeon about Regan’s lack of focus and lousy behavior – he says to her, ‘It’s likely an overreaction to depression‘.   I’d never heard of that before.  Am I depressed?

I’m going to have my kids here with me this fall – I get to sell my books online through so I don’t need to worry about pirates -my second German title is coming out in September – I’m in the home stretch to finishing the Polish behemoth of a fantasy script – I got a cool web comic with lots of regular readers and a great artist and web curator…what the fuck do I have to be depressed about?


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