Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

Made my decision on some Yaoi magazine thing, and decided I wont be part of it.  I locked up the Dreamwidth post since it’s now a non-issue.  Let’s hope this ‘magazine’ takes my name out of their meta-keywords.  >_<

Needed to take a shower after that affair – conversed with some people I’m not fond of.

The show I worked on last summer got picked up by USA [I was a writer’s assistant – nothing glamorous or creatively relevant to me as a writer] but I’m excited because the writer I worked for is very nice, and so is the producer of the show. ^_^d

–I heard a rumor that DMP approached a few other GloBL creators – one of them being Yaoi Press, and that was confirmed in recent correspondence over the Yaoi World thing. :/ Sadly, I’m not that excited about eManga anymore – but I wont be assy about it – when the time comes, I’ll put on my game face and act like IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEE!

Because it is! ^_-

I’ve written nothing in terms of script for over two weeks.  =_=;


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