Free Days

The last two days have been open for me to write some comic scripts.  Oddly enough I’ve been hell-bent on formatting the finished sequel to Only Words.  Strange that – since the last week or so has been an odd one in dealing with new fans.   I inquired about this sort of fan with the artist of the book, but she says she hasn’t done too many cons since her local one put the kibosh on fan-arts.  :/  Do these cons forget why they exist?

So I’m going to dedicate as many hours as I can to formatting all 170+ pages of this script [pencil thumbs are done] and then just pack it up – I don’t think I can get a sequel contracted without the original artist, and she doesn’t seem keen on working in pro gay-content anymore.

I’ve been completely floored by White Lies.   Yes, they sound Joy Division meets Interpol [which in itself is quite freakishly inbred] but they’re kicking my muse in the ass these days.


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