Lost, Work

Revised Chapter 3 today – mostly eliminated a few characters and cleaned up dialogue.

This is, technically, the first sex scene:

His mind lingered back to Niko and the kiss they shared. It tasted of beer, and his lips were balmy, full, and slick. Andrew felt stupid, lusting for some convict he just met.  He hadn’t changed at all, and this is what got him into…no.  He wasn’t about to dwell on the past, not now. He chuckled then, excited by the fact that even after all he’d been though along the way, he was still capable of desire. The urge gave him hope; perhaps what had happened, and the damage it caused, wasn’t permanent.

Andrew felt his arousal begin to take shape.

He got out of bed, reached under and pulled out that new violin case.  He took the instrument out and stared at it the way he had Niko in the elevator.   It was attainable, warm to the touch, and it wanted him as much as  he needed it.  The bow was perfect, except for a light brownish stain along the wooden stick and top hairs.

He planted his naked backside down onto the wood chair, and placed the bout of the instrument between his left shoulder and jaw and opened his mouth slightly in order to get a feel for the chinrest.

He straightened his neck and placed his fingers on the fingerboard exactly where he wanted them; there was no need waste time on intonation because he could tell by looking at it that the pitch would be perfect.

With his finger in first position on the E-string, he drew the bow across, moving his finger to the second position on G, and then the third position on A, impressed at the beauty of the violin’s range. He began to hum the tune for an old Polish song he memorized from his early lessons, My Life Is Very Sad.

He didn’t remember the composer; all he knew was that it required two violins to play it, but he intended to play it solo.

As he played, he was oblivious to his own awakening; his cock stiffened with each pull of the bow across the strings.  Their long, potent legato danced with his breathless humming, and his mind was so caught up in the song that he didn’t feel the head of his cock touch the indent of his belly-button.

Absent was the white noise of his air conditioner, vanished was the thought of crying when the lights went out, and most comforting of all, he didn’t see anything with his eyes closed except an old page of sheet  music he’d adored as a boy.

As his fever threatened to break, a pounding at his door startled him silent.

“Turn that music down!” boomed the voice on the other side of the door.

He listened as footsteps paddled away from his door, and out of breath, he brought the violin to his chest then quickly jerked it away when he felt the wetness.

His abdomen was stippled with his own juice.

As Andrew stood and raked the bow gently across his stomach, it tickled him to laugh out loud.  He was euphoric; thrilled at the idea he could still get off.

Like his lust for Niko, the orgasm was another sign that he wasn’t broken.


I’m required to get a bit more raw in Chapter 4.    It’s Samil and Radek this time – Andrew walks in on them, but doesn’t make his presence known.  I’d written it out of the outline when I wrote the chapter because I was intent on selling it as a Gay YA – but that’s not happening now so I need to write a new scene.

Wish me luck tomorrow.


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