The Him

It’s a weird name for a cool story – at least I think it’s one of my cooler ones.   I was desperate to develop something interesting for the ‘Cannibal Love‘ project, and I didn’t want to make a BL story.  At the time I was pretty disgusted with the business of BL overall, and I think this bad feeling seeped into my creative process.  I just didn’t feel like writing anything erotic or m/m.

The Him - art by Lindalva Campos de Sales

The Him, art by Lindalva Campos de Sales

What prompted me to write this story was an online friend of mine–he’d been dumped by his girlfriend and we spent some time on the phone talking about how, if he had the chance to go back or was given another chance– he would hurt her first.  (>.>)  I let this stew in my head for a time; that a boy would entertain such vindictive thoughts because his feelings were trampled on.  Why wouldn’t he?  He’s human right?  Why aren’t men allowed to hurt and act out on that hurt in ways that have nothing do to with brutal male violence and everything to do with catty-girl bullshit.  Emotional pain is pain, when did reacting to it and acting out because of it, get a gender-specific MO?  Men who’re hurt act out physically, while women who’re hurt use words.  What nonsense.  I’ve seen my fare share of slighted men play revenge games without a punch thrown or a voice raised.  Hearing him talk about how he’d get back at her, really made me think…wow– he must really love this girl.  0_0

I created a character that’s immature, spoiled, and sexy – loss of love wouldn’t fuel his desire for revenge…but the rejection would.  He’d be willing to do anything for a taste of revenge, even if it meant getting cozy with someone he finds repugnant.

The Him is about an immature chef who’s pissed off when an ex-girlfriend who dumped him because he wanted to start a family, shows up at his restaurant newly married and pregnant.  He decides to get even by seeking out another ex-girlfriend, one that freaked him out: a noted OB/GYN with a passion for human flesh…



Devin Levitz’s condo in San Francisco, she unlocks the front door and inside passes her older neighbor in the foyer.

NEIGHBOR [TIRED]: Hello Dr. Levitz.

DEVIN [SMILES]: Hey Ms. Paxton, how’re you today?

NEIGHBOR: Much better since I let you take my plumbing.

Going up the stairs to her place, she says-over her shoulder:

DEVIN: Take is easy now.


Devin unlocks her door, to find the chain pulled from the inside.

Kyle Manry appears in the crack of the door.

KYLE: It’s about time you got home!

She walks in, and closes the door behind her saying,

DEVIN: I never thought I’d see you again.


Devin begins putting her things in the fridge; Kyle stands with his back to her, glaring out the window.

KYLE: Oh please, it’s only been a year.

DEVIN: Little over a year, since you stormed out of here threatening to call the police.

Kyle looks at her, remorse on his face; he has finger and thumb up in measurement

KYLE: I won’t deny that I’m not still a tad freaked out.

Devin walks to him, looking down into his eyes.

DEVIN: So why are back in my life?
Kyle walks away from her.


Kyle glares out of the window,

KYLE: You won’t believe what she did to me.

Devin sits down on her couch,

DEVIN: This girl you started fucking after you left me?

Kyle plants his face in his palm, as Devin speaks she makes quotes with her fingers.

DEVIN: The girl who made you happier then you could possibly explain?

KYLE: You know I was just talking shit, right?

DEVIN [SMILES]: Yeah I know, but your shit was always worth listening to.

Kyle turns and smiles.

KYLE: Even though I know what a retched ghoul you really are, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to make out with you.  It’s your charm, you know?

Devin gestures an offer for a beer,

DEVIN: My charm, or my strap-on?

Kyle sighs, takes the beer

KYLE: I didn’t come here to flirt and fuck, ok?


DEVIN: Why are you here, certainly not because you’re hungry?

Kyle cringes, staring at her fridge; he waves off the comment,

KYLE [ANNOYED]: Can we not go there please…

DEVIN [SMILES]: Sure.  What’s wrong?

Kyle explains,

KYLE: She dumped me, six months ago.

DEVIN: What happened?

Kyle sits down at the table, Devin stands.

KYLE: I told her that I wanted someone willing to invest in a future.


Devin is on the couch, hands behind her head, relaxing,

DEVIN [LAUGHS]: You wanted kids?

KYLE [UPSET]: I’m twenty-eight and ready, yes.  I want children. She just blurts, that kids aren’t part of her life plan at the moment.

Kyle joins her on the couch, still angry,

DEVIN: So she dumped you?

KYLE: Just like that.  Then I saw her today.


DEVIN: So it’s visit the ex-lovers who piss me off day?  Is that why you’re here?

Kyle turns around, and scowls

KYLE: No you ghoul.

Kyle leans over seductively close to Devin, Devin is immune.

KYLE: And for the record, you never pissed me off. I loved you. I think a part of me still does.

DEVIN: Is that why you’re here?  To convince the other part of you-


Kyle stands, looking down at her

KYLE: No, the other part of me is too human to ever accept what you’re all about.

DEVIN: So why not let me play with the part of you that likes me?

Kyle goes to the kitchen, says over his shoulder,

KYLE: You want another one?

Devin stares at Kyle’s hips and ass, then at his ass when bends over at the fridge.

DEVIN: No, I still got this one.

Kyle comes back with a new beer, he sits down.

KYLE: I saw her today, you know what she said to me?

KYLE [SOMBER]: She asked me for your card, because she’s expecting in seven months and heard you were the best.

Devin stares over at him.  [WHOA!] Devin says,

DEVIN: I guess her life plan changed.


KYLE [ABOUT TO CRY]: That bitch-

Kyle gets up; face in hands, Devin sits up:

KYLE: oh God I hate that word, I can’t believe I just said it!

DEVIN [SMILES]: You’re angry, I think you’re entitled.

Kyle straddles her, clutches her arms dramatically,

KYLE: I came here on my high horse, acting as if I still find you and…what you do…repugnant…but there’s something I want from you that makes me ten-times more evil then I ever accused you of being.


Devin takes his wrists in her hands, and speaks to him-

DEVIN: If you want me to refuse being her OB, I will.

KYLE: No, I don’t want you to refuse.  On the contrary, I want you to be her doctor.

Kyle stares at her, she stares back at him.

DEVIN: Are you asking me to-

KYLE: Don’t make me ask you out loud.

Devin turns her attention away from him,

DEVIN: That’s a pretty tall order Kyle.

KYLE: It’s not like you haven’t done it in the past, without the mother knowing…


Devin gets up, hands on her hips-she’s thinking about it as Kyle looks on at her, hands in his lap.

KYLE: You have no idea how angry I am right now.  I never knew I was capable of such thoughts-

Devin doesn’t turn all the way to face him,

DEVIN: But here you are Kyle, demanding your favorite ghoul to do what she does best.

Kyle looks down, embarrassed,

KYLE: If you want me to say it, I will.  Despite your…nutritional habit…I love you, I always will.

Devin gets in his face, [not angry]

DEVIN: You love IT, not me.

Kyle looks insulted,

KYLE: I didn’t just enjoy being your bend-over-boyfriend Devin!

Devin smiles as he goes on,

KYLE: I mean it, I loved you.  You understood me.  You still do.


Devin thinks a moment, then gives her answer:

DEVIN: I’ll do this for you.

She cups his face, forcing him to look at her,

DEVIN: I’ll do this, because when you were mine, we were something.  But it’s going to cost you.

KYLE: You want me again, I’m yours, forever.

Kyle stands, stepping close to her, whispering on her lips.

KYLE: I’d never ask something like this of you, if I wasn’t willing to pay for it.


She steps back,

DEVIN: The promise of matrimony and monogamy.  Those are just words.

Kyle looks at her, as she points to him and smiles,

DEVIN: I want something that makes your gratitude, tangible.

Kyle looks away,

KYLE: I know what you want…

Devin stands before him, Kyle looks up at her.

DEVIN: You’re San Francisco’s top chef, you can even prepare for us.

KYLE: Just this once.  After that, don’t ask me to do it again.


Devin takes Kyle in her arms,

DEVIN: Deal.

KYLE: Where is it?  I’ll cook whatever you have thawed out in your fridge of horrors now, and we’ll get this over with.

Devin smiles,

DEVIN: You won’t stop you know, once you start.

Kyle removes his shirt,

KYLE: Whatever, let’s just do this tonight.  I need more beer, lots more.

Devin smiles,

DEVIN: I got poppers too; if you want take your gratitude to the bedroom later.


From the POV of the fridge, we see Kyle looking in, and Devin is right there, kissing his neck.


[Two months later]

Nighttime, outside Pam Gant’s row house, there’s a light on in the window

KYLE: [OP] I just can’t get over this happening Pammy, I’m so sorry-

PAM: [OP] It’s fine, and I appreciate you coming over.

Kyle and Pam sit at her kitchen table [she’s in a bathrobe-looks bad.]

KYLE: I know things will work out for you two, they’ll be other chances.

PAM: [sobs] She said lots of women my age often get pregnant and lose it in the second month, without ever knowing they were pregnant. She chalked it up to me being diagnosed too early, and was sorry that my hopes got worked up.

KYLE: I thought your last doctor said you were past three months?

PAM: He did, but I think he’s an idiot.  Dr. Levitz is the best in the city-I trust her completely.

Kyle grins, puts his hand on hers,

KYLE: I brought you something, to make you feel better.

He produces two wrapped sandwiches out a bag,

KYLE: Barbeque was always your favorite, and I added something special, just for you.

PAM: Oh Kyle, you didn’t have to do this-

KYLE: It was no trouble at all.


Pam bites into is, Kyle watches. She then grabs her drink.

KYLE: Something wrong?

PAM: No-I’m just not hungry…

Kyle smiles at her,

KYLE: Honey please tell! It’s a new recipe and if it sucks I need to know before unleashing it on my customers at the restaurant.

Pam smiles back,

PAM: I don’t want to be rude, I’m just not hungry-

Kyle takes it from her,

KYLE: It’s ok.  You took a bite and washed it down, that’s good enough for me.


Sitting in the driver’s seat outside, Devin waits.  Into the car bounces Kyle. They look at one another,

DEVIN: Did she leave any?

KYLE: She took one bite, and swallowed.  I’m satisfied.

Devin grabs a sandwich from the bag,

DEVIN: Well, I’m hungry.

She starts eating, then says,

DEVIN: You going to have one?

Kyle narrows his eyes, but is jovial,

KYLE: I told you before, no more for me thanks.

Devin and Kyle drive off in her car

DEVIN [OP]: So I’m facing a lifetime of eating alone?

KYLE[OP]:  You’re not alone my love, you’ll always be my ghoul.  We’ll just be keeping separate menus.


Full pencils by artist are here.

Art by Lindalva Campos de Sales.


2 thoughts on “The Him

  1. You’re so nice to me, I don’t deserve it. 🙂

    This one is being inked right now, but all the other stories are due in February [I think…] I can’t wait to see what some of the other ones are.

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