Revisions: Suffocation

Chapter 17 – 

It had been over twenty hours since they departed Brasilia’s waters, and Sofita still hadn’t reacquired sight of Doctor Vai Zhang. She roamed topside unseen, thanks to the invisibility afforded her by the Shell.

On the horizon was the Anzhu Island.

Covered by snowy mounds, it was the site of the first Femarctic camp erected by Bizaki engineers of the Robust Generation, those sent to build Chinasia’s remote power stations. The ice and snow of the northern polar region reminded her why the Reaping Gen of old spent so much time developing solidification-tech.

Sofita thought briefly of the bartender at Yukon Beach.

The woman was right in her suspicion that the Femmar were capable of creating glaciers. It was just a matter of time before the Primary would initiate a complete icing up the northern polar region, and she’d carry it out from their sole solidification-station in the Markov Basin.

Sofita didn’t dwell on the moral implications freezing the world, but her Donmat was another story.

Donmat Fuzo Dox displayed an active dislike of the helovx, but when Sofita proposed the rounding up of all the men back in Yukon, for viral termination—an admittedly extreme solution to the suspected leak there—young Dox had vehemently protested. She reminded Sofita that not all the helovx men at Yukon were sex-workers. Some of them were the partners of those working, and many of them were raising donations.

It had been a Pure-Gen scented argument bogged down with too much regard for the helovx, and too little consideration for the task, at hand. Dox held helovx males in disdain, but she wasn’t about to arbitrarily murder them.

For this, Sofita felt a bubble of pride build in the pit of her gut.


I’m participating this year, since I have to rewrite (and write) the entire portion of Memory Kill – separating the story line from the completed novels ‘Holodomor’ and ‘Internal Vision’.  Removing all the flash back scenes from those books (all featured Fusada Kul) allowed me enough of a base to work a new novel.

I’m going to explore Fusada’s relationship with Sofita, her investigation of Fusa, and her attempts to conquer the Femitokon Shell. It will leave more questions than answers, but that’s the point of a serial work. ^_-

I’ve already uploaded the info at NaNoWriMo’s site, wish me luck.

Here’s an excerpt from the opening scene

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